Salt’s Cure

Salt's Cure

Salt's Cure logoSalt’s Cure is a small restaurant in West Hollywood that sources all their food from California. I first heard about it from my mom in San Francisco (thanks, Mom!) who saw a review and suggested it might be right up our alley. As with most things in life, Mom was right. 

We stopped in for brunch on Saturday morning. No decaf coffee, and only black or green team (both have caffeine). So we went the other way and ordered the grapefruit mimosas. Fresh squeezed and very tasty.

Their menu has a good variety, but the claim to fame is that everything is prepared onsite. I opted for one of the specials — a plate of spicy shredded pork with eggs sunny-side up, bits of fried tortillas and chunks of avocado. The pork was tender and well-spiced, and the combination was delicious.

Shredded Pork with Eggs

Joan had the Quiche du Jour — a snow pea and soft cheese concoction that she declared “Best. Quiche. Ever.”

Quiche du Jour

Fresh flowersThe Bottom Line

Salt’s Cure is gem. We will be back to try their dinner menu (which rotates daily).

Salt's Cure on UrbanspoonSalt’s Cure
7494 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

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