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Chicken Mole Burrito Bowl

Abuelitas Mexican Restaurant in Topanga Canyon

Topanga Canyon is known for it's laid-back, cowboy/hippy vibe. Even though it's not far from LA, it's a world apart. For the first weekend of 2014, we headed to Topanga State Park on a 6.6 mile hike with a visit to the iconic Eagle Rock. After hiking, we were in search of something tasty for lunch. And what could be better than a cold beverage and good Mexican food? Abuelitas … [Read More...]

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Breakfast Sandwich at Paper or Plastik

Paper or Plastik for Breakfast

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Personally, I’d add “only if it includes good coffee.” Good coffee and a great place to enjoy it is like a little island of tranquility–a respite from the world. Living in LA there are plenty of options for third-wave coffee, but many […]

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Shredded Pork with Eggs

Salt’s Cure

Salt's Cure is a small restaurant in West Hollywood that sources all their food from California. I first heard about it from my mom in San Francisco (thanks, Mom!) … [Read More...]

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A Flight of Golden Road Brews

Golden Road Brewing

There are few things as satisfying as a well-earned meal, washed down with a tasty craft beer. And believe me, we earned it. We had just hiked the Beaudry Motorway Loop in the nearby Verdugo Mountains, and were looking forward to visiting Golden Road Brewing … [Read More...]

At the counter at The Original Pantry Cafe

The Original Pantry Cafe

Established in 1924, The Original Pantry has spent eight decades providing its customers with bigger-than-one-person-should-eat portions of traditional, artery-clogging American food. The restaurant started with five employees in a building at 9th and Figueroa … [Read More...]

The Berlin Wall in LA

The Berlin Wall – In Los Angeles

On November 9, 1989, the wall came down in Berlin. On November 8, 2009 it went back up again -- in Los Angeles. The Wall Project originally commemorated the 20th anniversary of the day the Berlin Wall came down. Today, these ten segments of the Berlin … [Read More...]